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As part of K.P.Engineering serve you, our clients, with our resources for your optimal productivity. Our professional services will help you devise strategic plans, specifically designed for your needs, and thus, provide with a superb client-based service to help your goals. In K.P.Engineering we thrive to do our best, and I can guarantee that you will leave satisfied with our services. Our specialization in machinery erections, shifting and services has evolved with our experience in the global market and thus, we can provide you with services that the international market survives on. Let us be of service to you and provide you with the most competent services for your majestic company.


We aspire to be one of the international competent service providers within Chennai and other regions of Tamilnadu by offering innovative workforce solutions and accomplishing our reputed client’s demands, and to be victorious in the evolving competitive world. We always strive to offer effective machine shifting and service solutions to the OEM industries of various sectors and aid our workforce with a myriad of continuous opportunities and help them triumph in this competitive world.

As a customer-oriented organization we look forward to having long-term and fruitful relations with your organization as our prestigious clients. Once we empanel with your company, we assure you to meet your requirements within the given time schedule from our technocrats.


Our prime motive is to pursue excellence in our professional services as well as to serve our valued industrial clients to their complete satisfaction while fulfilling the individual needs of our employees. We aim to render quality and high-impact manpower solutions that empower our clients to succeed their long-term business goals.

About Us

K.P.Engineering Functions with only one goal: to deliver specific services based on client’s needed. We focus on your goals and objectives, and we mold our services around them for the effective results for you. International machinery erections, installations and Services Fabrications, Civil Works, Painting, Electrical Works and PLC Programming(programming logical controller)has continuously provided services to the global erection and commissioning market with sustainable use of resources of India. Utilization of specialized machine shifting, Loading, unloading machines, installations and meet the needs of international services fulfilled this goal in the past and it will continue in the mere future as well. we are in the market from 2009- 2013 as a contractor in the Indian industrial Market after we are established as a company in the Indian market proudly running from 2013 onwards.


Generate and work order from clients in the international market. Value client’s needs with utmost qualified Engineers and professionalism. Find honest professional Services as suitable for client’s requirements. Encourage international relationship, and take it to a new level of business and friendship.


We feature exclusively trained engineering Management team that will cater the needs of client’s requirements at any given time. Our team is efficient with meeting client’s goals before the deadline. We have highly trained professionals who will scrutinize into every minor details of the clients requirement, while getting appropriate majestic clients orders. We thrive in helping nations develop on a global scale.



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